Monday, September 24, 2012

I want your feedback!

My prayer is that each of you have taken the time to pray, plan and set your goals with an action plan. I desperately want your feedback, you are important to me.

Please let me know how you are incorporating these goals into your everyday life!

Likewise, if you still haven't made your plans, tell me why... I want to hear from you too! How can I help?

Remember ladies, never grow weary... you WILL get your harvest. But if you don't plant what you want (in yourself or your kids), someone else will.

Thank you for being another Shining Light... I know that you are. But even more so... YOUR CREATOR knows that you are! Blessings as you "Act as if..."

Thank you for your feedback below, really, thank you.   And you may always reach me at
A1 Organizing & Design


  1. Hi Holly,

    Yes I have filled out the worksheet and put it in my Home Management Binder.

    My goals are to organize my thoughts and my be more purposeful with them. To accomplish this I'm reading more of the Word, listening to more teaching and to your videos. I want to be able to speak life over my family.

    My second goal is to have every nook and cranny organized in my house. Even though my oldest is in school, I still have a 3 year old with me all the time so slowly but surely I'm getting there.

    My last goal is to be a better mother. I'm definitely taking your warning about letting the kids watch too much TV. I'm also guilty of not teaching them enough (if anything) about God. I'm not good at teaching but I'm doing it to obedient to God. I get my son up a little earlier and we are reading through a Children's Study Bible, along with the book "Leading Little Ones to God."

    You are a huge blessing to me! And I appreciate all that you are doing!

  2. And you are an answered prayer for me. I seek out women and moms like you, I am humbled and honored to be of service to you. I love that you want to "speak life over my family" - I felt the Holy Spirit as I read it. You are such a blessing to your family. You keep doing what you are doing and if I can help more, I am here for you. I am grateful for you in my life, we have more to come together. Thanks for being another SHINING LIGHT ANGELL, I appreciate you!