Friday, September 28, 2012

We won! He is so amazing!

The favor of the Lord has always been evident in my life, but I must say, of all the "trophies, crowns, ribbons and professional positions" I have ever received... there is nothing that compares to last night. WE WON! WE won, it feels better to win as a team... I am so grateful to my family and friends Tina and Mary Calovini, Brady Flynn and those wonderful Hershberger girls, Katie and Leona. Thank you Lord for putting wonderful winners in my life... and I don't just mean winners here on this earth! Here's to "Signs of GLORY" everywhere!

And we would love to come spill Glory all over you at your Church!


  1. Hey thanks Angell, it was a little work and a LOT of Grace! Yesterday we did a Church service with 11 songs... whew... but Grace was all over the place!