Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Some people think I have a great memory since I'm rarely late and never forget... but here is my secret!

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Monday, December 30, 2013

How to set Goals!

Part one... 3 minutes:

Part two... 5 minutes:

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YOUR CREATOR SAYS "Diligent Plans lead to profit as sure as haste leads to poverty"

Have a blessed New Year! 2014 is yours!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

New HABITUDES for 2014

14 ways to Organize 2014: Get a new “Habitude”

Your habitude is your “Attitude by habit”

1 Laugh out loud every single day, many times.

2 Be the most positive person everywhere you go. Right now, whether you “feel like it” or not, be the Shining Light! Smile and say "Hello" to everyone you see, yes in the store, at home, at the red light, at work. Oh, and make eye contact too.

3 List 10 reasons to be grateful right now. Don’t forget about your eyes to read this, the computer to receive this, any food in your cabinets, running water, a shower, and all the other things we may take for granted. Then… if you really want monumental changes in your life, add 3 more each day! And it gets even better when you have your children do this as well, talk about it while tucking them in.

4 Tuck the kids into bed every night. Pray with them while you are there. Yes, even teenagers, especially teenagers!

5 Make the habit of spending time with your Creator before you ever get out of bed

6 Spend time with your family that doesn’t include a screen – right now.

7 Never have the TV on for more than an hour a day

8 Pray with your Spouse outside of church. I heard Dr. Phil (and everyone seems to believe him!) say that America’s divorce rate was nearly 1 out of 2, “unless….” You do this: Pray with your spouse! Why are we not praying with our partners!?

9 Forgive them all; right now. You don’t have to be friends, just don’t be enemies. Remember your God knows your heart. You truly know that you have forgiven those who have done you wrong when you can pray for their blessings.

10 This one is great for your kids as well: Look for, seek out someone you can help today (every day) Ex: help carry, open door, help pay, leave a nice note, encourage, give time, tell good job, help with chores, just listen. Oh, and… this is a cure for depression as well!

11 Leave notes for your husband in his shirt pockets, socks, planner, tool box etc. We have been HAPPILY married for over 22 years, and he still LOVES the notes. Nope, never gets tired of hearing what a great dad, provider, listener, giver, handsome husband he is. Imagine that! And don’t forget to include empowering Scripture! Think about it ladies, this is important. Men love them, he will think of you when he randomly finds one, and positive notes boost their confidence. I can tell when my husband hasn’t had notes for a while! If you don’t a crabby old man later, do something about it today! Remember… sowing and reaping!

12 Take some time to reflect - either alone or with a Mentor or friends. I never knew how important history was for so long. The Bible tells us there is nothing new under the sun. It has all been done before. Read your Bible, learn from Him. Learn from and with others!

13 Organize a mail station and start filing what you need to keep. Don’t let all the paper drive you crazy in 2013! The devil isn’t after your “stuff” he wants your “joy”.

14 Worship with your family! When your Praise is loud, fun, colorful and bold your kids will want to worship this God! Loud, fun, colorful and bold IS our God and what a blessing when your whole family with their arms in the air!!!! Signs of Glory will come to your family, your Church and your event! We want to JOYFULLY praise with you!

These are just a few things that you could incorporate into your life RIGHT NOW that will change your “Habitude”. Remember, your Habitude, is your attitude by habit. Don’t think “Holly’s Habitude” came automatically, not until I knew what my Maker said! We have control over our thoughts, our attitude, our Creator says that we do! We all have a habitude that we have organized over time, but is it what we really want it to be? Is our current Habitude what our family needs it to be? What they want it to be? How much fun are we to live with?

This is just food for thought, but it all really works. And hey, “You are going to eat anyway today, so choose a few from the buffet above, right now!”