Friday, March 25, 2011

14 Things To Do Right Now To Improve Your Habitude TODAY

1. Write out your core values, do it right now. I’m not asking for “who” is most important to you, I’m asking “what” is important to you. What is morally important to you, what values do you want to your children to exhibit?

2. Have Mentors in the most important areas of your Life. For instance, if you are having a hard time with your “Values”, it would be great to have a Mentor!

3. Watch less than one hour of TV a day

4. Laugh out loud every day. If you need help, Grammy will inspire you, just call us!

5. Walk 30 minutes a day - alone or with a loved one

6. You be the most positive person around today, be the Shining Light!
Smile and say “Hello” to everyone you see. Make eye contact too.

7. List 10 reasons to be grateful right now – add 3 more each day

8. Make the habit of spending time with your Creator before you get out of bed

9. Start and Keep planned weekly dates with your Spouse, something you both
can look forward to.

10. Tuck the kids into bed every night, Pray with them while you are there Yes,
even teenagers, especially teenagers!

11. Pray with your Spouse at least once a day – Morning & Night are good times.
I heard Dr. Phil say on TBN that the divorce rate among spouses who pray
together themselves, is only 1 out of 10,000!!! Why are we not praying
with our partners!?#@

12. Live as if this were true, because it is: If you don’t forgive others, you will
not be forgiven when it is most important!

13. This one is great for your kids as well:
Look for, seek out someone you can help each day – help carry, open door,
help pay, leave a nice note, encourage, give time, tell good job, help with
chores, just listen. ** This is your cure for depression as well **

14. Plan some time to reflect – either alone or with a Mentor. Take the time to
see if you are where you want to be at this stage of your life and set goals to
accomplish the rest.

A Mentor is someone who shares the same values, that you like, and has experience in
what you desire. A Mentor is very much like a Coach. Mentors and Coaches will not do the actions for you, they will help you set the appropriate actions and keep you motivated and accountable.

It’s nice having someone to help you by sharing ideas and experience to hold you to your goals, but I find the most sought after part is the “keeping me motivated!”

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Your Plan

Never before have I heard so much about planning, it truly is an Organizer's dream.  Most of us are noticing that our Country, just like our family, can't survive long by borrowing money for everyday items, every day.   Really, how long could you continue using credit cards to pay everything from your mortgage to utilities to groceries.  Please pay attention to what is going on.

Whether it is hyper inflation from our debt, food shortages or chaos that creates it,  you know a crisis is coming.  I pray you are paying attention and creating a plan... just in case.   I pray you are one of the many who have decided that it couldn't hurt to be ready... just in case.  So if you are taking the time to plan, I want to help you.  I can't cook, sing or sew but organizing and planning... this I know!

Please make sure you have these things in your plan:

1. Communicate to all family and friends where you will meet if an Emergency were to happen, natural disaster or man-made.    Whose house?   Inside or Outside?    Be very specific.  

2. Whichever place is chosen for your family and friends to meet, you need to have supplies.  I would suggest at least a 90 day supply of the following:
          A. Enough water for all, at least one gallon per person per day available for drinking, clean up etc.     
          B. Enough food for all, at least 2 meals per day (high calorie) per person.  (what about pets?)
          C. Paper products like toilet paper, diapers, depends...
          D. Soaps like shampoo, conditioner, dishsoap, laundry soap
          E. Candles, lighters, flashlights, batteries, lamp oil, lamps etc.
          F. First Aid kit

  3.    Consider a heat source if it pertains to you.  In a crisis there may be no electric, what will be your heat source?  

Remember, We Christians Don't Panic. We Prepare! 

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Gramma Onesie back by popular demand!

If you are a caregiver that buys depends, you need to know how to make a "Gramma Onesie" Happy Birthday Grammy!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Praise God for rising gas prices?!

I am challenging you.

As Americans we hate to be put in the position of little or no choice. So I say let’s not put ourselves in that position! Do it on purpose!

You knw how differently it feels when we CAN’T buy something versus when we make up our minds NOT buy something. By making decisions now and sticking to them, we take back our power, as well as our control! When we go to the store for 3 items and leave with 10 (or more) we are the victim. We consider ourselves spoiled (as if it were a good thing) for all we have when in reality we are like sheep being led to the slaughter.

If soaring gas prices are what we need for this reality check, then so be it. And yes, praise God. Now is the time for a major decision. Prepare your family by making plans ahead of time. I challenge you. Again, it's different when you HAVE TO to something vs. Having made the decision ahead of time yourself!

1. Drive on purpose. Consolidate, spend more time at home with your family!
2. Don't put something in the laundry if it doesn't really need it.
3. Purposefully use the electric. Don't have lights on that you don't need and limit the amount of TV time! (that will benefit your family in more ways than one!)
4. Stock up! We all wish we could have stocked up gasoline prior to now. We all know the cost of food is becoming ridiculous. Made this critical decision and stock up on food!

We have expanded our Organizing business to include "Organizing for a Crisis" because we sleep so much better knowing that no matter what crisis comes ahead, man-made or otherwise, our family will not go hungry.

You better believe tougher times are in our future. So yes, praise God for high gas prices if that prompts us to begin living, spending and parenting more purposefully!

Go to and if you call me with your order of over $100 I will ship this 10 year amazing food (all natural and AMERICAN MADE) to you for free! And if you mention "Holly's Habitude" you will also get 10% off!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Past Patterns = Future

One of the coolest things I found when I began reading the Bible would have to be the Patterns.  His Word tells us that there is nothing new, everything has been done before.  There is so much to get into, I don't want to overwhelm, but I don't want you to be afraid to due of all the chaos going on. It has been written this way, there is nothing to fear.  Let's see why:

The Jewish Wedding - a foreshadowing, a picture, a pattern of the rapture.  Let's remember, as the Church, we are called the Bride (for a reason) and  Jesus is called the bridegroom (for a reason.)  Before I learned about this (and some other patterns we'll go over another time), I didn't know if we would be here for the coming tribulation or not.  See what you think:

1. In the Jewish custom of old, the bridegroom leaves his fathers house to choose his bride. 
2. Jesus left his Father's to come here and he wants you for His own.

1. The bridegroom searches for the one he wants and then asks her to be his, if she says yes, they make a covenent.
2. Jesus searches you out and asks you to be His - we too have a choice.  As Christians we make a covenant, a promise

1. After this, the Bridegroom returns to his fathers house to prepare a place for her near his fathers house. 
2. Jesus left to go to His Father to prepare a place for us.

1. The bride has no idea when the bridegroom will return for her, but she is to be ready at all times.
2. We have no idea when Jesus will return, but we are to be ready.(although we will go over time patterns next time!)

1. The bridegroom secretly comes and takes her to the place he has prepared for her, it is called the "Huppah" which means God's protection, His covering.  The Israelites called the cloud that led in the dessert by day and pillar of fire that led by night the Huppah.
2. Jesus comes back for the Church, His bride, and takes her to the place He has prepared for us, our Huppah

1. The bride and groom stay in the Huppah for 7 days before coming out and revealing her to everyone
2. The tribulation is 7 years and then we come back to earth with Him, all the world will see.

Nothing in the Bible is there for filler.  In the beginning you read and wonder "why does he write about the Jewish festivals so much, they are insignificant today" but upon further study you know He has a reason for everything.  He wants us to know these patterns, because:  As Christians we don't panic, we prepare!