Monday, October 10, 2011

Let our kids know what to expect

This will vary according to ages and what your children already have, but my husband and I are just now getting to where our kids are just starting to "test us" and we want to have so they know up front, what their consequences will be. We Christians call it "sowing and reaping" Here is ours that is hanging on frig and each in their rooms. Maybe this can help you. When kids know what to expect ahead of time, THEY CHOOSE THEIR CONSEQUENCES.  Now it falls on them, not you.

And, of course, it is based on our Christian values.   Do we all have children that know our Christian values?

If you would like a copy of what we are using, you may print it off here at under "kids".

This helps in so many ways, you must see, because if you were like me as a kid (and I still question), I wanted to know "why?"  why is something important or right or wrong.  This tells them.