Monday, October 29, 2012

Kids, Truth and Lies

Someone once asked me "What lies are you talking about?"

The lies that we are here by accident, therefore have no purpose. The lies that tell little girls that their body is all that matters. The lies that say if we are not rich in money we are poor. The lies that tell us when this life is over - you're done. The lies that tell children with no earthly father, that they have no father that loves them. The lies that tell you "everything is okay as long as it feels good", the lies that tell you that you must rely on your own strength. Ok, I think I made my point by now.

God has made His point very obvious, when we stop to think about it. He is the TRUTH - Please watch this and then do something about it!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My early Christmas gift to you

This could be your most blessed, peaceful, joyful Christmas you've ever had. As a Christian Organzier, I love what I do because I live what I speak so I know that it works. Your Creator says how it works. This is a step by step guide that tells you exactly how to get it all done without all the stress. Please accept this guide for FREE - but only for a short time! Offer ends Friday so please go to Amazon and get it downloaded to your kindle now!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Christian Coaching vs. anything else

So what exactly is the difference???

Find out because you must do NOW for LATER!

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Less Mess, Less Stress. God Bless!

PS "Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband of 22 years!" He treats me like the Queen that I am... but I treat him like the King God have me. Amen! (On purpose for sure LOL)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

If you know people who think that this world is here by accident, please ask them (especially Mothers)if there has ever been a "big bang" or "random accident" that you have witnessed ever creating anything but a big mess?! Enjoy, often we are to busy to notice His beauty and majesty:

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our cheap thrill LOL

We could not believe all the black birds sitting on the wires!

My son and I looked at each other and we knew what had to be done.

Oh yeah, my son is so like me. Sometimes you just can't resist. Too fun!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Your ideas welcome!

 "6 calm weeks until Christmas" 

I am looking for additional ways to keep stress levels at a minimum during this all important season and would love to hear from YOU!

 Examples: Your creative gift ideas, handling guests, meals, hiding gifts, Christmas cards,  your tree, your traditions that make Christmas enjoyable!  These are just a few examples.  I am looking for what makes this most wonderful Holiday stress free and enjoyable.

And if you aren't joyful, what would make you joyful?  

I need your input on these and other Christmas related ideas so I can add them into "6 calm weeks until Christmas!"

As an Organizer I do not enjoy the "hustle and bustle" of this fast approaching season.  In this report I will have what I personally do on a weekly/daily basis and specifically when I do these things so everything gets done without all the fuss and stress  Really. 

Anything additional you can add at the bottom of this blog has a great chance of being added to "6 calm weeks until Christmas" so please hurry to be included, as you know, it is coming quick!   Thank you!