Sunday, January 29, 2012

Starting your New Year over

The "New Year" starts at many different points for many different people.  For the "Boyd Family" ours is today.  As most of you know, my husband's mother (Grammy) lived with us for 2 years: severe alzheimer's.   I took care of her full time.  She was a blessing for us, yet a relief for us, and an answered prayer for mercy for her when she passed away peacefully Monday.

Just know that it is okay to start your "New Year" at any point, you didn't miss the boat if your goals haven't been met yet, or even started yet.  You can do that today.   So "Happy New Year!"... amen!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hanging in Limbo. But then, it never was about me.

How do you make the Creator of time, space and everything laugh?   Tell Him YOUR plans.   Let it sink in, then you'll get it.

I know for a fact, because it says right in Genesis, right from the beginning, that we get what we sow.  We do get a harvest, we do get what we have been consciously planting (or subconsciously).  But ultimately it is His plan and His timing, it will be the "season" of his Will, not our own.

As I have been home with "Alzheimer's Grammy" for the last 2 years, believe me, I must remind myself of ultimately Who is in control - and thank goodness!  One day, Grammy is up and alert, eating so much I believe she'll be pushing me in a wheelchair one day, but then the next day I'm thinking "oh no, this is it".  What an odd position this is, what an odd disease this is.

I just want to encourage you that we serve an Ever Present God, a God who loves us so much Jesus stepped out of perfect eternity into a world that hated and killed him... knowing it ahead of time.  When I stop to think about it, I can't get over it.  Pondering on this helps me a lot.

Take some time today to know that He is in control, and remember that He chose you, remember what He did for you and what He did for each one of us.  Amazing.  We never know when someone will pass, not really.  We should be sharing the only hope we really have, it's great news!

And remember, it is easier to relax and be thankful in an organized area.  Less mess, less stress.  God Bless!