Monday, July 11, 2011

Swearing creates Wrinkles & I have proof!

This is to anyone who commonly curses, whether it’s you or someone you know. People need to be warned before it’s too late, this is very serious. Many of us don’t see people who swear as cool or flattering, in fact, what my family sees is kind of frightening! This vulgarity surpasses any good looks or charm a "common curser" may think they have, so please, before you swear in or around my family, just know that this is how we see you…

Sorry to be so graphic, but even in the middle of all this is a lesson. As a parent I look to almost every situation to catalyst a life lesson and “wow” with altheimer’s Grammy we have several. But the swearing, oh my. The kids call her Grandma “Blank blank” and actually tell their friends who curse that they remind them of Grandma. The kids who know Grammy suddenly realize how unattractive they are or how unintelligent they sound. Not too flattering when we realize using swear words only mean that we have as limited a vocabulary as an Altheimer’s patient. Can’t we be more creative than an old woman that knows a dozen words!?

Or let me plead to your vanity… Grammy has aged 15 years since she started her “cuss fest” 6 months ago… something to be said about the faces and wrinkles we make when we swear… look in the mirror… “your face might stick that way”… Grammy is just in her 60’s…

So ONE MORE TIME… and Parental Guidance may be needed for this, but it must be known what swearing does to you… Here you have Grammy before and after "CussFest 2011"

Pass this on to someone whose language can be as offensive as Grammy’s! Certainly no one wants to sound this unintelligent and no one wants to age this quickly!