Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What in the World is going on?

If you spend any time at all watching television you must know that times are changing. 

If you watch Fox News you know what the situation is right now.  And if you read the Bible, you know what is coming next.  I hope your Pastor is talking to you on Sundays about the world in conflict. 

We are called to be strong confident Christian women, Proverbs 31 women.  Proverbs 31 women aren't blindsided by the enemy.   No one can be confident without being prepared. 

Yes, I will give you a discount on your food insurance, and include free shipping, but I urge you to buy no matter where you get it.  And get as much as you can afford, I recommend at least 90 days worth for your entire family.   

The riots are happening here too.  The food service is also a union.  When they strike where will we go for food?

Please be ready, we are called to be wise.  DON'T PANIC, PREPARE!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Important Information to have on you always… and WHERE to keep it!

At least one person in your family ought to be able to access this information immediately if and when needed.  And of course, it’s usually the Mom!  Let’s list what you should have on you for each member of your family:

Doctor's name and telephone including Dentist
Driver’s license number
Social Security Numbers for all
Medical Insurance info
Any prescription info (meds or eyeglass prescription)
Auto Insurance information with contact info
School contact information (if applies)
Work phone numbers for all

By now you must be saying “Where would I keep all that and why would I have it where others could possibly get it?!”

Well, I keep it all in my planner.  This information is in the back on my A-Z pages.  Each is listed in accordance to relevance.  “D” for Doctor etc.    Why have it on me? 

When I’m at the Dentist or Doctor, I have all my info with me.
I can make appointments at the time of any visit, even a year in advance.
I don’t have to c/b places to give additional information.
I am ready if a crisis would occur and I couldn’t get home…

I code information in my planner, Social Security Numbers look like phone numbers with extensions.  All private information is in there but not decipherable to anyone but me. Get creative.

It’s all about being ready and not wasting time.  Knowing you have all you need, and how to locate it is a big stress reliever.  I hate the frustration of looking for information, don’t you?!

Monday, February 14, 2011


So really, just what is a habitude and what is yours?    Well, my habitude it’s one of the things that people remember about me, my passion, my energy… my attitude.   I think people wonder if I’m “really like this”, even at home.  The answer is yes, because I can't even stop it now.  That is why I call it my Habitude; my attitude comes from my habits… ergo Habitude.   In the beginning it was more purposeful and took more work.   However, like anything else we practice, we get better at it.   

No purpose.  There were so many things I would do without a purpose, without thinking, things that had become just automatic, bad habits. Just putting the mail down anywhere, letting kids watch whatever wanted on TV.  Or not eating anything green, not drinking any water, not taking my make-up off at night, or even smoking!  

But when I stopped to think about some of these things years ago, I intentionally changed my habits, my life.   I made a mail station, I put guidelines in place for the television.  I choked down vegetables, I got a water bottle and used it.  I simply started a new routine with my make up and I made a decision to stop smoking.      None of those things were automatic at first.  In fact, some were very difficult, but there isn't one of those that isn't out of habit now, they take no thought, I just do it (or don't do it!)

That sums up my habitude.  The habit of doing things on purpose; things I think, say and do.  Certainly not perfect, but much better! We absolutely have the ability to control all of these things, it says so in the Bible, so I Act as if.

You have a habitude too, what habits are you doing to create your attitude?   Are you telling yourself that you are created in the Almighty’s image and are loved so much that a life was given for you?  Are you in the habit of speaking and acting like an Ambassador of the Lord?   Or do we think we aren’t good enough, do we dwell in the land of compare.      I CHOOSE my attitude just like everyone else CHOOSES theirs.   And quite frankly, those questions are what got me to quit smoking.  When I realized this, smoking just didn't "fit" anymore.  That was many years ago.

Don’t forget you have a “habitude” as well, so what is your attitude by habit?   And even better, what do you want it to be?  Because it can be that.  I'm here to help if you want someone to hold you accountable.  Believe me, it helps!   More at A1organizing

Friday, February 11, 2011

Which is More Dangerous?

So sometimes it just comes down to this:

Which is more dangerous, believing it, or not believing it?              

When speaking about Salvation to someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus, I like to say, “If you are right, and I am wrong, saying there is no heaven/hell, then ok, I’m just dead.  But if I am right and you are wrong…whoa!”

The same thing is true with Food Insurance, “If no crisis comes in 10 years, than you just have a year of food paid for in 2021!  But if I’m right and you are wrong… your family will become victims.”

This theme is seen throughout the Bible.   If you don’t plant in the spring you may be begging in the fall.  

Which is more dangerous, believing it, or not believing it?

Go to Family Ready Food and start to think about what you would need: 100% no cook or 52% no cook.  Think about how much you would need for 3 meals a day each member of your family.  And here’s the biggie:  CHECK THE CALORIES.  We chose Gourmet Supreme because it has over 2,000 calories per day.  In a crisis you don’t need to eat like a bird!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Just like the movie Jaws

Good morning!

I will never forget the first time I read a book, then saw the movie afterwards. It was "Jaws" in 1975, I was in 5th grade.   It was so neat to know what was coming, yet anticipating seeing it come alive in front of you, even if you knew parts were going to be scary.

And it's here again, just like the movie Jaws.  Only this time, it's the Bible and it is very clear and very specific.  As scary as it may seem, I still love to see where it speaks of the riots in Egypt that are happening today... and know that it was written nearly 2,750 years ago!   I also love that we were told ahead of time about the coming food crisis, "a days wages for a loaf of bread" is coming, just as sure as every other thing in the Bible has come true and/or now coming true.

We opened Family Ready Food to give our friends a chance to plan ahead and be prepared.  We have extended our Free Shipping for another week.  This will save you between $20-$400!

You know hard times are coming, I hope you are planning with your family.   This food is cheaper, healthier, easier and TASTIER than nearly all other food in the grocery store.  I'm not kidding.  If you call in your order and mention Holly's Habitude... you will get an additional 10% off orders of more than $100! this week           

- oh, and it's lasts for 10 years, we call it HUNGER INSURANCE.    See Family Ready Food LLC here and/or call me (Holly Boyd) at 740 757 2944

Sunday, February 6, 2011

So... if you had to...

So just how long do we realistically think we can live without going to the grocery store.   I mean really, if we could not leave for a week (for any reason) how long before you would be going hungry?  I don't think we realize just how much we eat in a day!   I know that when my husband and kids are home for the entire day, I fill the dishwasher at least twice, how about you?  That's a lot of food.

I urge you to be prepared, and not just in food, remember other things like toilet paper!   Certainly it couldn't hurt to have extra, right?   Because like with food, you KNOW you will use toilet paper... neither one would go to waste!

Friday, February 4, 2011

When Organizing becomes Critical

Organizing is about acknowledgment.  It is evaluating your needs and preparing ahead of time.   Although most of us have never had to truly worry about going hungry, 2011 truly may be the year of CHANGE that we kept hearing about.

Organizing has always been about preparing in advance.  Yes, it is irritating when you can’t find your keys.  Yes, it is stressful looking for important papers.  Yes you may yell when you can’t find the remote…

There’s a new kind of organizing & preparing for Americans that we never had a need to do before, and this is critical.  We can live in a mess if we must, but we can’t live without food.   The best time to organize is BEFORE the crisis fully hits… and the crisis is coming.  Unless you live in a box, you know it is coming too, but what do we do?

Throughout history it has been proven (especially in the Bible) that people will do anything when they are hungry.  That is how entire countries become enslaved.  Don't let it happen to your family.  Be prepared ahead of time!

I want to share with you why my Organizing business now includes organizing for a crisis.  Your family needs to be prepared.  My family is now ready and I want to share that peace with you today.   If you would like to know about HUNGER INSURANCE  follow me here!