Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is it BiPolar... or PIEpolar...

Watch above or quickly read below:

Bipolar or PIEpolar?

There are just times when we choose to be in a bad mood, like me. I broke my pelvic bone in 2 places and my back in 1 place – it took my whole summer. And people have the nerve to tell me to cheer up when all I really wanted was to be left alone in my pity party. Sound familiar? Sound normal?

We don’t always need a medical diagnosis to change what feels like depression. In fact, what some may think of as “Bipolar” might really be what I call PIEpolar. Sometimes I’m Pie. Yes, even “Holly’s Habitude” can get crusty, sometimes I’m a bit flaky and fruity and believe it or not, sometimes I can get a bit sour, or even a dry and hard to swallow. But really, it’s my choice. Just like it’s your choice.

Other times we can be cake. We can be firm yet sweet, light, fluffy and in good taste. We can be so similar to cake, that people can’t wait to be with us! And once again, it’s our choice. The only difference really… the ingredients. You only get out what you put in. Hey, isn’t that what the Bible says?! God’s Word tells every single one of us in Corinthians that we can capture our thoughts and hold them captive. We don’t have to let the Pie take over – let’s change the ingredients!

Our attitude is by choice and is what decides if we will be PIEpolar today or cake tomorrow. I found as I was lying on the couch for months, only using a walker to painfully get anywhere, I was solely focusing on my temporary situation and I wasted a whole summer being PIE. It was me who wasted my summer, not my injury. Instead of focusing on my family, my overall health, my blessings and my God, I was focusing on all the ingredients that for the most part made me dry and crumbly.

I find when I’m feeling a bit PIEpolar it’s because I’ve let myself get too far from the Word of God and I start to believe the lies of the world, not the Truth from my Creator.

So when you begin to feel a little PIEpolar, get rid of the nuts and fruits that are your bad thoughts and start from scratch. Write down your blessings, sadly we overlook them if we don’t. If you have a hard time seeing your blessings then maybe you need a friend, coach or mentor to point them out to you. But even without knowing you I know that you can see, you are educated, you have choices, and you have a heavenly Father that cares about you even more than you care for your own kids. Now that’s a cake in the making!

So what will it be, pie… or cake?!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Beautiful Beginnings

 You can see our home upper right and our cabin down below the dirt road.  The flowers you see to your right are absolutely amazing, see up close next~  By the way, that cute cottage is for rent most year round and it is breathtaking and relaxing just a couple hours south of Cleveland /Akron / Medina areas.   See more about that at

 This field is full.  So many think that "summer is the end" when actually there is so much beauty to follow.
This is not Goldenrod my friends. 

These are some of the most beautiful of God's flowers, and sometimes we don't even notice them.  Notice them.

 Don't be down that summer is ending, hey, I wasted my summer with a broken pelvis and back, it's like summer never even happened... but it can't change my Habitude.  I'm holding out out for what is in store, God has plans for all of us.
 As always, God's Word is always Truth.  No one can clothe like He can.
 This looks like a postcard to me!  I feel so blessed.  I literally drop to my knees several times a day to thank Him.  Even if it's in the middle of a Gramma mess.  I'm so grateful
 When my husband took me out to see these, I couldn't believe how beautiful, so I just wanted to share it with you.  Fall is also a beautiful time of year, I hope this helps get you in the right spirit!
Ahhhhhhhh - except for the BarbedWire of course LOL
 And I'm grateful for cows too!

I hope you smiled, I hope it helped.  Summer isn't the end.  Fall is just the beginning!  


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to start being that Shining Light

So the very first thing we must KNOW in order to live the life of a SHINING LIGHT,  is that we MUST be organized, we must be purposeful.  The law of the land never changes, but we must know the rules to play properly and get the outcome we desire!  Okay,   Here are the rules...are you ready?

GENESIS 8:22  tells us that as long as the earth remains we will have sowing and reaping - what you think, say and do will grow - in ourselves and in those around us.  The Bible tells us in Galatians not to give up because we will reap our harvest, in His proper time, if we do not give up.  If you are in the will of God, do NOT give up.  Be that Shining Light!

If you need motivation or coaching in your endeavor to live life by the Word, contact me. I won't let you be anything less that what you were meant to be.  As Mothers we have a huge responsibility to stop and think before we speak or act!  As a mother of 3, grandmother of 2 and happily married over 21 years, I do personal coaching as well as on-line coaching coming soon.  Please contact me for more information - Hey, we all need our own cheerleader and motivator sometimes, for sure. 

Until  next time...  Less mess, less stress...  and May God bless.  Clear the clutter from your mind so you can sow purposeful seeds this week!  Remember, your seeds are what you think, say and do... be careful... you affect more than you realize ladies!