Monday, June 17, 2013


How to have FUN Organizing! Yes, Fun.

As with anything that you don’t really want to do it helps to remember “why” you should do it. So maybe first let’s go over why it is NOT fun to be DISorganized:

1. You will run in circles. You think you know where it is, but it’s not there. So now you must look here. And while here you notice something else that needs your attention, so now you go over there. But there isn’t where it is, there is not where anything you need is. It’s time to check the first place you looked where it wasn’t. Yet we hope it is there now. And it’s not… grrrr. Get it?

2. We will appear incompetent. I don’t care if you are President of Pearls & Pretties, or the Mother of a two year old, you do NOT want to come off like you don’t want to know what you are doing.

3. Your stress is killing you… and your attitude. Newsweek says that 90 percent of us are seeing a Doctor due to a stress related illness, and they do count Cancer. And if that isn’t bad enough, your attitude will ruin the short life you do get… and that of those around you.

Ok, are we ready to get organized no matter how we feel? Great, but let’s make it enjoyable and fun, yes fun! Fun enough for the whole family and I do suggest the family get involved so that they aren’t just part of the problem, let them be part of the solution as well! I’ve seen it over and over…
When the family sees all that is involved, they tend to keep it organized!

Now the HOW to make it fun:

1. We all have things that we lost over the past week, month and year, right? Make a list and Everyone put down one or two items that would be great if you found them… Make a Scavenger Hunt out of organizing! As you go through your items create a contest of whom Finds the most “lost items” on the list!

2. If someone wants to keep an items that most think should be donated or thrown away, that Person gets 30 seconds to persuade the rest it should be kept and then all vote on it!

3. Make a contest over who has the heaviest garbage bag at the end! Make the prize an event, or something to do vs. “stuff”

And even more than all the above, while organizing you will uncover old memories, funny memories, and life events that you forgot about. How could that not be fun?!

Create fun, productive family time with huge benefits… Get Organized this summer!

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

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