Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Organized life yet?

Whether you have not stuck to your plan for 2013 or you haven't even set goals for 2013, I think I know why...

You didn't write them down! Go get your 2013 Goal sheet and spend a few minutes planning the rest of your life! Hey, we spend way more time planning a vacation than we do for planning the other 51 weeks! Go now, Plan now, it costs nothing!

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Either way, you have made a decision!

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  1. I never do this but would like to this year, I have no clue what to set as a yearly goal! I've always been too scared to in case I don't accomplish it and feel like a loser!

  2. Then no time like the present! Go and download, give some thought to what you want to accomplish/goals and what may need to change, start and/or stop doing to accomplish. I can help you and will be home all day Thursday 17th 740 757 2944 if want me to help you, doesn't cost a penny. You are another Shining Light and are my mission. This will make a HUGE difference for 2013 - you will accomplish... another great promise of the Bible! Call me Lauren.

  3. Aww you are so sweet... I will sit down and do this today and have a brainstorm! This is something I can do alone if I just stop being indecisive. :-) Will let you know how I go. xo Keep on being awesome, love you heaps.

  4. I appreciate you Lauren and thank you for being another Shining Light! Remember, I'm here if you need me :)

  5. Hi Holly!

    I have so many goals this year my head is spinning! But I've learned from you and a verse in Habbikuk how important it is to WRITE IT DOWN.

    This coming school year (2013-2014) I will be homeschooling again and I am taking everything that I learned from the disaster called 2nd grade homeschooling and applying it to this coming school year.

    First and foremost, I'm organizing the entire house. My main goal is to get to a point where all I'm doing is maintaining. We will be having a tag sale in the summer to get rid of our stuff. We have no plans (unless God changes that) of ever moving out of our house, and since this house doesn't have that great of storage space, our only options are spend a lot of money we don't have on things to hold all our stuff that we don't need, or to just get rid of it. I think getting rid of it is much easier.

    I also want to organize my kids if that makes sense. We have no chores and everything is a free for all around here. Since I will be at home every day with my kids they are going to help me out. I have to come up with some chores!!!

  6. Hey Angell! There is a "parents" page on that would be a great starting point for you. You'll find what has worked for us, and you can tailor according to age, priorities, etc. The Bible says it's all sowing and reaping and when we "Act as if..." we get a great harvest... I'm living it, believe me His Word is True.

    Bless you for being another Shining Light!

    And I pray we all remember that (this is so important Angell, so Amen for bringing it up):

    Chores are not something we do TO our children... Chores are something we do FOR our children! Amen!:)

  7. So... how is everyone doing on this?!?