Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Organize yourself with Praise

Although this "practice" tape was made so SIGNS of GLORY could rehearse remotely it has amazing benefits for you in 2013 because in 3 minutes you can:

1. Learn Sign Language with us, you use your brain... keep learning new things!
2. Something happens to you when you worship this way, you'll feel great all day!
3. Your body is getting fantastic exercise
4. It is so much fun!
5. You are ORGANIZING your Priorities. Your God expects you to acknowledge and honor Him. Bonus: Amazing things happen when you do. Wouldn't you favor those who were SIGNS of GLORY for you??

Amen, come, reap the rewards of PRAISERCISE in 3 minutes. Plus remember, we want to come to you and PRAISE with you at your church too!

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  1. i need to learn more sign language so i can do some at my church this one is good for me to do i down load this song to my phone and computer